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April 12, 2011 / arthill

A simple frame

There are lots of tutorials on complicated framing with Photoshop Elements (PSE) and there are add-ons and plug-ins for doing frames.  It’s all too complicated for me and I never get the desired result. So I wanted to introduce a simple technique for adding a frame to your photo.

Open up your picture and choose Image, Resize, Canvas Size.


Make sure the Relative Box is checked.  I chose White for the color and 10 pixels to add a thin white border.

Choose Image, Resize, Canvas Size again and use a Gray color and a higher number for pixels.  I chose 150.

You should have something like this


Now choose the Magic Wand tool and click on the gray border to select it.  Go back to the rectangle selection tool, then right click on the image and choose Layer via Cut.  Your layers palette will look something like this.


Now go to the Effects Palette, make sure Bevels is selected and double click on the item shown


You’re done, save the file

robin gray frame

And one more thing.  PSE has an Undo History.  You can see it by going to the Windows menu and checking it. Listed below are the steps I took for this exercise.  The nice thing about this tool is that, at any time you can click on one of the steps and see what the image looked like after that step.



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  1. Maryann Goldman / Apr 12 2011 8:53 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know about Undo History. That is waaaaay cool! Is now the time to admit that I never read anything on PSE7 and just started using it. Well, an online tutorial here or there, but I ditched the Dummies book I got with it. Maybe I should give it a glance.

    Now, you know I am an OnOne PhotoFrame user. Have you tried it? I LOVE it.

  2. Ed Spadoni / Apr 14 2011 7:52 pm

    Very helpful Art – you’re going to convert me to PSE eventually…

  3. Howard Hull / Apr 18 2011 3:51 pm

    Great info, Art. Looking forward to more of your very helpful blogs!

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