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I’m retired after 40 or so years of working mostly in banking and information technology.   I live in a Chicago suburb with my wife of 44 years.  Our two adult daughters live nearby; each has two kids and I shoot a LOT of grandkid pictures.  I’ve always lived in Chicago as did my Dad and his Dad.  My wife has also always lived in Chicago.
I got started in photography in about 1958 by using my Mom’s twin-lens reflex camera to shoot black and white.  My Mom knew a bit about photography and we set up a darkroom in the basement with an enlarger and developed our own film.  In high school I acquired a used Argus C3 and continued to shoot black and white but also started shooting color slide film when we would go on vacation. I kind of lost interest after high school but picked it up again after we got married and had kids.  I went through the series of Canon SLR’s, picking up one of the early Canon A1’s.  After the kids grew up my interest in photography diminshed somewhat; I was mostly just shooting on vacation or at family events. I got into personal computers very early and that became my hobby.  Then, in 1998 I got my first digital camera, a Kodak 1 megapixel.  This marriage, if you will, of my two interests, computers and photography was like magic for me.  I became a digital photography “nut” taking the camera everywhere and shooting everything.  I probably dabbled with almost every online photosharing site or forum that came along, created my own website, etc.
These days I shoot with a Canon T4i


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  1. Lesley Bray / Feb 26 2011 1:48 pm

    Hi Art
    Found your blog and have to congratulate you on sharing your knowledge. Enjoyed reading it and have put it in my favourites so I can refer to it later.
    Best wishes to you and your family

  2. Ben Tecumseh DeSoto / Jun 9 2011 3:49 pm

    Good afternoon, I like your explanations and will share with potential participants in a photo driven open invitation for an exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Houston.

    The Specific invitation is at

  3. carolo / Nov 16 2012 3:16 pm

    Hey, Art! No more photo blogging??? I miss your grandkids, your pond, Chicago weather, travels… Not to mention your Jake and Joey,

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