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November 1, 2011 / arthill

Combining two images side by side.

I recently post a side by side picture of my grandkids in their Halloween costumes and someone asked to explain how to do it.

I opened up both pictures in Photoshop Elements.  I noted the height and width in pixels of the picture of the boys.  Going over to the picture of the girls,  I entered those dimensions in the appropriate spaces for the crop tool


Next I flipped over to the picture of the boys and chose Image, Resize, Canvas (not image). I entered a value of 2328 in Width, left relative unchecked and clicked on the left most arrow for Anchor. The picture of the boys was only 2323 wide but I used 2328 to leave a 5 pixel white space.)


Clicking OK gives me this


Now back to the picture of the girls, choose Select, All, then Edit, Copy.  Back to the picture of the boys, choose Edit, Paste. Use the arrow keys to move the picture of the girls all the way to the right, leaving a thin white line in the middle.

The layers pallette looks like this


and the merged image like this


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  1. Maryann Tia Engel Goldman / Nov 1 2011 8:34 am

    So, in inches, what size did you end up with for the finished shot? If you never intend to print it, it doesn’t matter I guess. For non Photoshop or Elements users, Picasa would have done this too. It won’t do 3 in a row, but it does 2 in a row very nicely. Nice write-up simplifying the process in Elements!

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