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March 26, 2011 / arthill

Come a little bit closer

In a little cafe just the other side of the border
She was just sitting there givin’ me looks that made my mouth water
So I started walking her way
She belonged to bad man, Jose
And I knew, yes I knew I should leave
When I heard her say, yeah
Come a little bit closer
You’re my kind of man
So big and so strong
Come a little bit closer
I’m all alone
And the night is so long

No, not that kind of closer.  I’m talking about getting closer with your photographs.  We’ve all seen stunning macro shots that show us something so small we wouldn’t even notice it just walking around.  But you don’t need to get into macro photography or have a special lens to get in close.  First of all, most point and shoot camera have a macro mode (usually indicated by a small icon of a rose).  The kit lenses you get with DSLR’s these days allow you to get within a foot or so of a subject. A telephoto lens (or zoom all the way in with a point and shoot) can get you very close – it’s not just for distant birds and squirrels.

And lastly, if you’ve taken an interesting picture but there is a lot of extra stuff around the subject then trying cropping it tightly.  See my post on cropping.

There’s no rule that says you have to have all of the subject in the picture

Come in closer with people too

lindsey eyes



jakes eyesjoey eyes


Well, that’s it.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas.  If the weather is nice where you are go for a walk with your camera and only shoot really really close stuff.


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  1. Debbie / Mar 26 2011 10:50 am

    Macro photography is one of my joys. However, what are your thoughts on true macro photography vs close cropping? I guess I am a bit of a purist when it comes to real macro shots because it is an art in itself. I know a photographer who promotes his macro photography but most of his images are close ups or tight crops in PP. This is a great post!

  2. arthill / Mar 26 2011 11:22 am

    Thanks Debbie.
    I understand about macro photography and have a macro lens myself. What I wanted to get people thinking about is even if you DON’T venture into macro photography you can still benefit from getting in close. Lots of people’s pictures are just taken from too far away.
    People who do macro photography already get it, I guess, and they won’t get much from this post.

  3. Ed Spadoni / Mar 26 2011 3:41 pm

    Great post and really nice photos Art. Inspirational!

  4. Maryann Goldman / Mar 27 2011 11:11 pm

    I really liked the close-up shots of Jake and Joey’s eyes. Wow! Did you ever post one of those for a daily?

    I use maccro mode on my camera a lot. My problem would be more remembering to zoom out and caputre the area around the butterfly sometimes…ha ha.

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