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March 18, 2011 / arthill–another on-line editing option is another place that allows you to edit your photos on-line.  For reasons why you might want to do this see my post about .  The interesting thing about picnik is it’s level of integration with other programs and web sites.  On the main page of picnik they advertise


picnik has a reasonable set of editing features


and some nice effects



Here I’ve used the Orton-ish effect


Here I’ve used picnik to open up a photo on Facebook and chosen the Frames/Border Option



Notice that I’ve increased the caption height to make the bottom part of the frame thicker.

Next I used the text tool to add a title


When I’m done picnik saves the photo back to Facebook


I”ve used picnik with Flickr and smumug and it works just fine

As I mentioned in my post on Picasa, it has now been integrated with picnik since shortly after Google bought the company


A couple of things to be aware of

  • Picnik has a free membership but restricts a fair number of features of the Premium (paid) membership.
  • It isn’t fast, especially with large files.

But it’s definitely worth checking out.  Open a free account and see if you like it

There are three different flavors of Picnik Premium:

  • $4.95 USD per month
  • $19.95 USD per six months
  • $24.95 USD per year (best value!)

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    1. Ed Spadoni / Mar 18 2011 7:56 am

      Picnik is my “in case of emergency, break glass” solution for those times when I’ve posted an image to my website but then decided it still needs “something”. If I don’t have time to rework and upload, I’ll go to Picnik for a quick tuneup. I happened to do this yesterday with my daily post of today ( Ortonish effect plus frame courtesy of Picnik. In a pinch, it’s a life saver.

    2. Howard / Mar 18 2011 4:59 pm

      Thanks Art. I do use Picnik from time to time, comes in kind of handy now and then.

    3. Maryann Goldman / Mar 18 2011 7:05 pm

      Definitely good to understand all the available tools out there. Thanks for sharing.

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