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March 16, 2011 / arthill

Free on-line editing from Adobe

I know – hard to imagine “free” and Adobe in the same sentence. But yes, from the makers of the outrageously overpriced Adobe Photoshop and the providers of the badly overpriced incremental upgrades to Photoshop Elements we have . This is a pretty nice service that allows you to do some reasonable editing of your photos on-line. So why would you even want to do that?  You’ve got all your favorite photo editing tools on your computer and you know how to use them.  I can think of several reasons:

  1. You’re traveling and don’t have your computer – you have your Mom’s or an internet café.
  2. You’ve brought your laptop along but it doesn’t have all of your regular tools on it.
  3. You travel with your work laptop and they don’t let you put anything of your own on it.
  4. You have an iPad or one of it’s competitors.  No storage and no way to install stuff like Photoshop.
  5. You have an iPhone or an Android phone.

So, this isn’t Photoshop and it’s not going to be your main tool. A free account gives you 2 gig of storage so it’s not going to be your main sharing account.  But it is pretty useful and there is an app for you phone that allows you to do some pretty neat stuff with your cell phone pictures.

Here’s the main editor screen

photoshop editor

As you can see it has a decent set of basic functions over on the left side.

I chose Black and White and the program shows thumbnails of all the possible effects. Running your cursor over a thumbnail show you the effect on the larger image.

black and white

Pop color is an interesting one.  You choose one color and it “pops” that and subdues the rest

pop color

I uploaded this shot of La Jolla Cove from my cell phone

2011-02-13 10.27.26

and use the program’s sketch tool to produce this


la jolla cove sketch - Copy

And took a picture that I had taken with my Canon T1i

Iflower pots MG_7625

and produced this

Iflower pots MG_7625_sketch

If you go to the Decorate Tab you get this

photoshop editor decorate

Many of these items on the left aren’t very useful but the text and bubbles tools seem pretty nice to have.

A lot of you have cell phone cameras and use them a lot.  I don’t use mine much but was happy to find that there is a photoshop express app for my android phone.

Note that it allows you to work with pictures on your camera or pictures online.


You can see some of the editor features in the picture below


My cell phone pictures are often crooked so I used the straighten function


Next I chose the Vibrant Effect


It doesn’t look too good in this picture I took of the cell phone but I uploaded it and it came out pretty nice


So that’s it for today.  This is just another tool in your tool kit.  Not perfect but just right for some situations and great for cell phone camera people.


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  1. Maryann Goldman / Mar 16 2011 12:03 pm

    OK, I tried it. Apparently I already had an account maybe because I have Elements. I uploaded a profile picture and had the Edit window up. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Ed Spadoni / Mar 16 2011 3:25 pm

    Great tip Art. I had heard of but didn’t know it’s capabilities. I really like the sketch feature so will try it. Thanks Art.

  3. ever / Dec 22 2011 12:09 pm


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