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April 5, 2005 / arthill

Sharing your photos

Do not email large pictures to family and friends; you will soon have everyone annoyed at you. Never send any photo files except jpegs (with a .jpg extension). If you have a digital camera this is how your files are produced. If you have a scanner make sure to convert your images to jpegs before you send them or upload them. The pictures that come from digital cameras and, often, ones that are scanned into your computer are much larger than they need to be for viewing on the internet or attaching to emails.  You must use some photo software to reduce the size first.  800 X 600 pictures or even smaller is best for this purpose.  You keep the large files for printing.  Windows XP will take care of this resizing for you.  Just go to My Pictures folder, select a picture and click on Email this picture.  An even better way to share your photos is to put them up on the world wide web and tell your friends where they are.  They can much more easily view them than if you send them the files via email.  If you use one of the online photofinishers to get prints you’re all set.  They have facilities for sending your friends an email with a link and instructions for them to view your pictures.  They can even order their own prints (saving you some money).  If you haven’t uploaded your pictures for printing you can still upload them to sites which specialize in photo sharing.  Many of these used to be free but a lot of them went out of business. Those that remain charge a nominal fee; it’s worth it if you share a lot of photos.  The best one is You can do a 7 day trial and after that it costs about $30 a year.  Use coupon code qM2NMiCheGNbM to save $5 and are also good ones. Also check out There are a lot of good articles and tips there.    I also use  They have a great feature for sending electronic photo postcards.   MSN and Yahoo also allow you to order all kinds of things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, mousepads, refrigerator magnets and the like.  

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